Ale wants FG to address root cause of underdevelopment


Ale wants FG to address root cause of underdevelopment  

An expert on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Mr. Michael Ale, has called on the government to address the root cause of underdevelopment, which he said was caused by inadequate attention to the importance of academic researches.

Ale however, recommended urgent and robust boost in industrialization for Nigerian’s economy recovery from possible recession, adding that Nigeria is currently far behind the developed nations in this regard.

In a release made available to Newsmen, Ale, who is the President of Waterwell highlighted steps towards boosting industrialization, while noting that the emergence of the COVID 19 Pandemic has made the latest innovations of robots and artificial intelligence inevitable products for the nation to patronize.

Ale, who is the President of Waterwell, in a release made available to newsmen in Ado Ekiti, spoke on how Nigeria can maximize her potentials on industrialization by meeting the target of the SDGs 2020, urging the country to key into the global policy on SDGs.

He said, “We need to now go back to the root cause of our underdevelopment. While​ watching a documentary about Nigerian agriculture, I saw rice mill being operated and I know in China now rice mill is being operated by robots.

“So invariably, Covid 19 is the beginning of another revolution in industrialization, because we will start talking about chips, robots, and the likes,​ all these we are still going to import and this is why the issue of knowledge comes in.​

“How many of our universities have research outcomes to use. All these developed countries go to their universities, their businessmen can go to the universities and engage them in researches that would help their development.

 “They sponsor such researches that can add value to their companies. It doesn’t have to be government alone. This is why I mentioned academics. We have only leveraged on agriculture, we have the pharmaceutical industry, right now, the Covid 19 issue has given us the great opportunity to revamp our industries, especially, the pharmaceutical industry,” he said.

On how to make Nigerian Universities hallmarks of industrialization, Ale said: “It is very achievable, we have the likes of Dangote my good friend, his foundation can go into research, and look into what can be done, you can pick on any university that you think focus on what your industry needs.