Anambra as a well-endowed investor’s bride



By Christian ABURIME

Following the recent hugely successful outing of the maiden Anambra Investment Summit 2023 hosted by Anambra State Governor, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, the state continues to dazzle like a bejeweled beautiful bride.

It is indeed an irresistible one. Investors and other stakeholders who graced the summit had their eyes opened to seemingly hidden gems in a state proudly tagged with the sobriquet of the Light of the Nation.

But Anambra State is not nicknamed the Light of the Nation as a mere slogan; it is immensely endowed with natural and human resources that illuminate its investment attractiveness.

Naturally, it takes savvy beholders and discerning investors to see exotic gems in a place and explore them.

With its strategic location in the heart of Southeast region and its connecting axis to other regions in Nigeria, Anambra State is ensconced as a rich treasure land of natural resources and unparalleled endowments that make it the perfect haven for shrewd investors.

From fertile agricultural lands to rich mineral deposits, and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, Anambra lends itself to infinite possibilities for prosperity and growth.

Endowed like Nigeria itself, Anambra State boasts a wealth of fertile lands that are primed for agricultural ventures. Nestled in the tropical rain forest with an average temperature of 30*c, and a diverse range of climates and soil types, the state supports the cultivation of a wide array of crops as well as rearing of livestock.

In fact, from the lush green fields of Onitsha to the picturesque uplands of Awka, Anambra offers the perfect environment for cultivating staples such as yam, maize, cashew nuts, assorted fruits, cassava, rice, and oil palm produce. Little wonder, the Soludo government has embarked on an agricultural revolution, especially in the area of coconut and oil palm farming through which the state government has been distributing hundreds of thousands of imported high-yielding palm seedlings to every household in the state to help combat poverty in the long term.

As a complementary factor to agricultural resurgence, the state’s strategic location and access to major markets provide a competitive edge for agribusinesses. Beyond its agricultural endowments, Anambra State sits atop significant reserves of oil and gas.

Recent exploration activities have unveiled promising prospects for hydrocarbon production, making the state an attractive proposition for investors in the energy sector. With prudent regulatory frameworks in place, the state government is committed to ensuring a conducive environment for responsible resource exploitation.

Also, beneath the surface of Anambra lies a treasure trove of precious solid minerals, including limestone, clay, lead, zinc, granite and iron ore.

These resources present a multitude of opportunities for mining ventures. The state government is actively seeking partnerships with investors to tap into these reserves, which can fuel the construction and manufacturing sectors, thus driving economic diversification for sustainable development.

To support the optimal realization of its abundant natural resources, Anambra State boasts vibrant commercial centres like Onitsha and Nnewi, which are renowned not only within Nigeria but across the African continent. Onitsha, in particular, stands as a bustling economic hub, hosting one of the largest markets in West Africa.

The state also has tourist attractions like Ogbunike Cave, Owerre-Ezukala Waterfalls, Agulu Lake, Igboukwu Bronzes and Museum, Rojenny Tourist Village in Oba, Odinani Museum in Nri, Awka Blacksmithing and Iron-mongering, etc.

Today, investors are welcomed by an Anambra State with a burgeoning infrastructure landscape. Modern road networks under construction or completed, including the recently completed Second Niger Bridge, facilitate seamless movement of goods and services.

Additionally, the state’s proximity to major ports, airports, and rail links ensures swift and efficient connectivity to both domestic and international markets.

What is more, Anambra State prides itself on a highly educated and skilled workforce, a product of its robust educational system. The state is home to several reputable institutions of higher learning, producing graduates with expertise in various fields.

This invaluable human resource pool is a critical asset for businesses seeking to thrive and innovate. So, Anambra State as the beautiful bride in the East of Nigeria today, with all its natural endowments, beckons investors to partake in its promising journey.

What more could anyone want but an unparalleled opportunity for prosperity and growth? Anambra has it all, and more. It is time for serious business and everyone is welcome.!