Marvellous, Magical, Mesmerising And Merciless Messi.


Austen Chilokwu.

Magical and mesmerising Messi celebrated his 8th Ballon d’Or trophy with Inter Miami fans on Friday, 10th Nov, 2023. The global superstar is a bundle of joy to watch while gliding with a ball as if latched on his foot; an incredible artist imbued with prodigious talent and unaccustomed humility. Interestingly, the gods of soccer magnanimously unleashed him as a gift to football lovers and humanity.

On 13th Dec, 2022 he was largely instrumental when Argentina prevailed over Croatia in the pulsating semi-final clash that held the sporting world spellbound. It was a masterclass and Messi was merciless. He is and remains the king of football, the quintessential prodigy of the round leather game. He glides and manoeuvres as if he is from another planet. Messi is phenomenal and thrills/gives the football-loving world orgasmic pleasure with his captivating moves. There will be no other magical MESSI.

Almighty God creates geniuses for the benefit and joy of mankind. Everything about God is perfection. Each and every one of us is not denied everything. What Messi lost in diminutiveness he gained in his magical feet. Messi, the magical tactician was lucky as penalties are anybody’s game. He is in the twilight of his career and deserves the cup more than Mbappe/France.

The argument about who is the GOAT has been settled as Messi lifted the World Cup and pocketed 3 more Ballon d’Ors for the best footballer of the year more than his arch-rival, Ronaldo. He is a blazing star in the world of football. His fans yearn for him to metamorphose into the mythical bird, Phoenix and attain immortality or be reborn from ashes and continue to regale the world but he is human and will traverse the way of all mortals. Marvellous!