South-East Govs living in denial over jihadists killings


South-East Govs living in denial over jihadists killings

.Turning mainland Igbo into jihadist violence-prone area

THE International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law (Intersociety) says it has recorded the death of nine Christians in Nigeria alone out of every 10 Killed in 2023 in Africa.

Intersociety also alleged that there is deadly crisis and persecution Christianity faces in 28 of Africa’s 54 countries, in its latest report released on Sunday, April 28 and made available to Realnews.

The report added that the freedom of Christian worship and others may die In Igboland and Nigeria in 50 years.

Intersociety said that governors and governments in the South East were presiding over the destruction of the environment and wildlife in Igbo land, adding that hypocrites and fakers have outnumbered real defenders of the Christian Faith in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, according to Intersociety’s Special Report of Feb 14, 2024, more than 8, 200 defenseless Christians were hacked to death in 13 months of Jan 2023 to Jan 2024 and over 8,000 abducted; out of which 10% or 800 are not capable of returning to their families alive.

The report also said Nigeria recorded over 150, 000 religious related deaths since the July 2009 Boko Haram uprising; involving killing of at least 100, 000 defenseless Christians, 46,000 moderate Muslims (killed by fellow but radical Fulani Muslims and allied others).

It said that not less than 4,000 deaths were drawn from non-Christian and non-Muslim Faith members.

Direct killings also accounted for not less than 100,000 deaths and indirect killings including deaths arising from state actor and non-state custodial torture and shootings or hackings; took the remaining 50,000 deaths.

The report alleged that between July 2009 and Jan 2024, not less than 19, 000 churches including over 2000 sacred temples of the “African Instituted Churches” and Jewish religion and over 1000 sanctuaries of the Traditional religionists were wantonly destroyed or burned down.

It said that about 2,500 Christian schools and other sacred places of learning were also affected.

It added that in the first past four months of 2024 or Jan to April, the number of Christians killed and those abducted has risen to estimated 800 and 1000 respectively.